Pixabay_bed-945881_640And do you know why your sleep is restless while you’re on vacation, in a beautiful resort, your trailer or motorhome, and even on your boat?

It might be the same problem as you have at home; you could be sleeping on a negative earth stream. As an Intuitive Consultant contact us to check your home for this problem.

We experienced this same problem in our trailer for a while. Every time that we had a sleeping problem, and I checked our location, I found that we were parked on 1 or 2 negative streams.

How to solve this problem when you move regularly to other sites?  Even in Mother Nature the problem is the same.

As a test, I attached four small quartz rocks to the corners of the trailer, each about the size of a fist. Problem solved!

I double-checked inside as well as on different locations outside and found that, even when we were parked on top of a negative stream, we were safe.

If you find you sleep restlessly while traveling, you might want to try using quartz rocks. We usually have them in stock, or maybe you have a supplier in your area. Make sure to clean the rock very well, under warm water with natural soap and a brush.

To order these rocks ($10/pc + applicable taxes and shipping) please contact us. Don’t forget to include your mailing address.