I was only a young boy, around 10 years, when I had my first experience with dowsing. My younger brother, 6 years old, was very sick. I don’t know the exact details, but it was an overgrown gland and it would end his young life. At that time the doctors could do nothing.

With all hope lost, my Dad called a well-known dowser in my hometown, Nijmegen, Holland. I believe his name was Mr. Smits; he also dowsed for the South African Government for minerals on a yearly base and was very successful.

This is how I was introduced to the art of Dowsing!

When my Dad called him, he didn’t give him any details, just to check the house. Mr. Smits arrived and checked the lower level; between two rooms, I saw his dowsing rods reacting. Being a little kid, I laughed about this. Mr. Smits asked my Dad “Does anyone sleep right above this point?” This is where my brother slept; exactly above where Mr. Smits stood!

My Dad was told to move my brother immediately, otherwise he was going to die. Now, that is blunt Dutch …. But my brother was moved and is still alive today.

After he was finished checking our house, Mr. Smits said to me “Son, I know and feel that you have an ability for dowsing. I will not do this forever and want to teach you” I didn’t think much about this offer and so didn’t take it; I regret it to this day!

Years later, living in Canada, after a move to another house, we realized that both my wife and I could not sleep well. All of a sudden, I thought about Mr. Smits and remembered his words. I checked dowsing in Canada and the USA on the Internet and started using the dowsing rods (I discovered 2 negative streams under our bed) became a member of the Canadian Dowsers Association and am now able to help many people, which I have done in North America and Europe.