IMG_1008-croppedIMG_2023-2Every Day millions of people are connecting via all kinds of radio communication, as TV, radio, cellphones, 2-way radios, GPS, etc.

Often, these devices are supported by antennas, on buildings, and towers; also in use by navigation systems. These antennas are often on roofs or rental condominiums, and office towers. They can even be hidden in buildings or special masts that are masqueraded as flag posts.

Why do you think the flag post in the image is so wide? It is because it is by no means just a flag post? When this “flag post” is opened it shows its ugly antennas inside …… also have a look at the self-explanatory images below. (Do you see the pack of cables?)


Installation guidelines and regulations for these towers are in place. The Government of Canada created a special website with information.

However, in practice these antennas are constructed wherever it is convenient and without any further consideration; they can harm your health!

Through dowsing it can be determined whether your property is affected by these rays.

IMG_2025             IMG_2026




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