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Geopathic Stress Zones and Electromagnetic Pollution can be possible causes for insomnia, lack of concentration and poor health.

Electromagnetic fields are around us at all times and fears that high-voltage cables might cause cancer are not scientifically proven wrong. We are carrying mobile phones on us, have portable phones in our homes and use microwave ovens, all of which emit signals and waves that might be harmful to our body.

These energies and fields not only surround the earth but also are inside it. Electromagnetic energy lines flow in a grid-like pattern. There are many of these current systems that exist, and they intersect in complicated ways. These energies rise in buildings and can therefore affect the occupants in various ways.

Sometimes these energies, when they collide with other currents (whether natural or man made), can create geopathic stress zones that can result in poor health, sleep and/or concentration, and increase stress, tension and sickness. People with insomnia often sleep in bedrooms with very high frequency fields. The brain is constantly stimulated with these electromagnetic fields and cannot relax. Computers and all electric devices, even wires and loops, emit electromagnetic fields. To reduce exposure to these fields it is recommended to unplug all electric devices when not in use.

Joop successfully searching for a specific mineral in Northern Ontario.

How will Dowsing help?

Successful dowsing and remedy of the identified problem results in a renewed balance of energy in the home or workplace.

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For years I have been sleeping extremely bad, not being able to fall asleep and only sleeping for very short periods, so I have been waking up exhausted. Joop checked our house and did earth accupuncture. My sleep pattern has changed completely: I now sleep very good and awake relaxed and ready for what lies ahead during the day.

Dan V.


I think often about your visit and how what you did helped my sick husband. He feels better and his last CT Scan showed improvement as well. I say “thank you” for everything you did.

Ludmilla H.


I have been suffering from my low back for years. The last 2 months were a disaster. I was definitely waking up twice per night from the pain in my back and was then sitting in a chair for half an hour before I got up and went to bed again. Physio, Tylenol … nothing really helped until Joop Ten Thye did a consultation. You won’t believe it, and I still don’t, but I sleep through the night in one jerk. No pain, no chair, no Tylenol and no more pain. Dr. Joop, you’re the best, the very Best. Thank you so much!

John C.