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Uses for Dowsing

Dowsing has been originally associated with the detecting of water sources and precious minerals.
But this is only the beginning! In today’s world, there are new dangers where dowsing might be able to help see this article.

Dowsing can also be used to locate:

  • Geopathic Stress Zones (a natural, global grid of linear energy)
  • Negative influences of EMF (electro-magnetic frequency)
  • Drinking water, wells and waterways
  • Minerals and precious metals
  • Possible causes of interpersonal conflicts in the workplace
  • Sewer pipes, gas lines and electrical wires (stray electricity from electricity distribution networks)
  • Electrical Grounding problems and electrical pollution
  • Possible influences that can cause sleep- and other health problems
  • Lost treasures
  • Missing objects
  • Fuel tanks, pipes and cables


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“I wear a hearing aid, and have a Cochlear Implant. In December 2013, I traveled a lot through Germany. In the meantime I was at home for one day and took a break from listening, so for once I didn’t wear my hearing aid. Next morning I searched intensively because I couldn’t find it anymore. It was very important for me to wear it yet. Without it, I couldn’t understand. I turned my apartment upside down. Did I lose my hearing aid on my journey?

I asked Joop, who was 6000 kilometers (!) away from me in Canada, to help me. Based on a photo of my apartment in Germany he checked out the position with his dowsing. He determined that it could have ended up in a bedroom near by the spiral staircase. How delighted I was to hear that I hadn’t lost it on my journey. I started to search but in my bedroom in the attic I nevertheless couldn’t find it. Ok, it was worth a try.

Some weeks later I found it at last in my home office (which is connected to a bathroom). And, my home office originally was a bedroom. This position, where I found my hearing aid, was located exactly below the spiral staircase. Really! Joop was right! Even over a distance of approximately 6000 kilometers. It worked!

It wasn’t the first time he helped me. Many years ago, I was in the same situation. At that time he was right there, and he located my hearing aid immediately with his dowsing.

Thank you, Joop!”

Alex T., Special Needs Teacher for deaf and hearing-impaired children, Germany