Dowsing for the Home

Individuals living in an unhealthy environment may suffer from a loss of energy, happiness, physical strength, or you may often feel tired or depressed. You might experience insomnia, back problems, have problems with muscles, bones and joints and even infertility.  The immune system many become weakened and illness might not even respond to medical treatment.

Our homes are truly our sanctuaries!

The comprehensive service Joop provides only begins with the identification of the influences and interpretation of the potential interactions. Joop can offer suggestions of steps one can take to reduce or eliminate the impact and create a healthy living space.

Dowsing At Work

The same energies described above can also affect your work environment, and cause Sick Building Syndrome. There may be loss of concentration in staff , tension/aggression, poor communications, low productivity, frequent absenteeism due to sickness or headaches, depression and fatigue.

Case Study 1


“In 2001 I was living in a condo at … in Mississauga, ON. I had serious problems to get a decent night sleep. Most of the time I awoke at 4am or did not sleep at all. 

I asked Joop to check out my Apartment. He found that exactly over my bed there was a negative stream running. This was on a Monday. He would check it out and would come up with a remedy. He called me on the following Saturday and asked how I slept. I told him that the same night after he had been dowsing I slept like a log and so the whole week. Then he told me that late Monday he came back and did earth-penetration outside the building. It was unbelievable.

Joop showed me later what he had done. Now in my present location, he again did his dowsing. I will call him anytime when I move. This is the trick. It’s worth all the money.”


Joop was asked to check the master bedroom of the apartment, which was located on the 18th floor.


Negative stream running across the bed.


The client had not been informed about the Earth penetration to warrant an unbiased
response from her.


Client was ecstatic when she realized why she had been sleeping soundly for the past nights and exclaimed “I don’t know what you did but I have to set the alarm clock now”

canflag transformer

There are many of those camouflaged antennas surrounding us.

Case Study 2


This client is extremely sensitive and complained about severe sleeping problems caused by electromagnetic streams, which Joop solved by earth-penetration. After a few months Joop was called back to the property. The client again complained about sleeping problems but at the same time pointed out the newly erected enormous flagpost shown above.   She had realized that the sleep problem had started again immediately after the erection of the mast.


Joop investigated the mast and discovered that it, in fact, is a sending mast for cellular phones a.o.
AND has heavy transformers directly beside it.


Joop screened off the client’s bedroom window so that the waves cannot affect her anymore.


Since the screening of the window the client sleeps soundly.

Earth Penetration works for apartment buildings!  Even on top floors!

Case Study 3
This client wears a hearing aid. During a social evening the client removed the aid during dinner and placed it beside his plate. Towards the end of the evening the client realized that the hearing aid had gone missing.
Joop was a member of the dinner party and the client asked if he could locate the hearing aid with dowsing.
Joop dowsed for the hearing aid and determined that it had ended up in the garage in the garbage container, together with with about 200 shrimp shells that had been consumed during the evening. The client was very impressed when in fact the hearing aid was discovered in the garbage bin.

Not only did this work in my former apartment on the 18th floor, but now again in my new home. I feel like a different person. I highly recommend you to anyone.

Sharon D.


Thank you for finding the lost document in our office. with the volume of paperwork that we process daily, it was phenomenal that after our staff looked for it for 2 weeks, you found it within a half hour – and in a place that we had already looked!


Law Office

After you checked our property and following your suggestions, I sleep incredibly well now.I have not been able to dream in years and now I dream again. Even Jan’s back problems are completely gone!

Maria H

The Netherlands

The biggest change has been in my dog Patrick, a 5 year old Golden Retriever, who has been overweight and really making a mess of his bed for a long time, chewing the fabric and in general not being happy. After your visit I moved his bed to a different location as well; he no longer destroys his bed, but sleeps well every night, has lost a lot of weight and is in general a much happier and less stressed dog. I would not have believed it could happen!

Helen L

Georgian Bay


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