Lost Something?

Have trouble Sleeping?

Searching for Water/Minerals?

Office Stress?

Joop has been dowsing for many years right across North America and Europe. His practice has had great success in searching for water, minerals, negative streams, lost objects and a variety of underground and hidden objects.

Additionally, Joop has helped many people with sleep problems, and other health issues.  Please read the testimonials in this site! Dowsing can identify where energies like electromagnetic currents are in and around the property. Some of these energies can be disruptive or negative to our health

Joop’s experience spans many decades. He is a member of the Canadian Society of Dowsers.

What can Joop do for you?

  • Locate Geopathic Stress Zones i.e,  electro magnetic streams that can have negative influences on our health
  • Find drinking water, wells and waterways
  • Find minerals and precious metals
  • Find causes of “Sick Building Syndrome”
  • Find sewer pipes, gas lines and  hidden electrical wires.
  • Find lost treasures
  • Find other possible influences that can cause sleep- and other health problems (Read this blog about antennas)
  • Find missing objects
  • Find  hidden fuel tanks, cables and pipes

No information, products, services or devices presented on this site are intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you have any symptoms or conditions mentioned on this site you should discuss them with your health care provider. My work is strictly to provide an energetically balanced, nurturing environment in support of your overall quality of life.
All information presented on this site is for educational purposes only and is experimental in nature. All claims as to the effectiveness of any product, service or device mentioned on this site are solely through dowsing, personal observation and user feedback; however, I endeavor to make no claim that can't be supported by any competent energy dowser.