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Dowsing World logoGeopathic Stress Zones and Electromagnetic Pollution can be possible causes for insomnia, lack of concentration and poor health.

Electromagnetic fields are around us at all times and fears that high-voltage cables might cause cancer are not scientifically proven wrong. We are carrying mobile phones on us, have portable phones in our homes and use microwave ovens, all of which emit signals and waves that might be harmful to our body.

“I had just finished re-doing my bedroom and Joop recommended I move my bed. Naturally, I was not too happy about having to dismantle my built-in bed, but eventually did it. What a difference! I now sleep through the night and have no more headaches when waking up.”
Ernst .H., London


“After consulting Joop my sleep problems have disappeared completely. Joop is thorough and I highly recommend his services.”
 John .S., Mississauga
health2The energies and fields are inside the earth as well as outside. As there are many different currents in existence they do intersect in many different and complicated ways. Not only do they interact horizontally but also vertically and rise upwards, so that they can even affect the inhabitants of highrises in different ways.Sometimes these energies, when they collide with other currents (whether natural or man made), can create geopathic stress zones that can result in poor health, sleep and/or concentration, and increase stress, tension and sickness. People with insomnia often sleep in bedrooms with very high frequency fields. The brain is constantly stimulated with these electromagnetic fields and cannot relax. Computers and all electric devices, even wires and loops, emit electromagnetic fields.To reduce exposure to these fields it is recommended to unplug all electric devices when not in use.

How will Dowsing help?

Successful dowsing and remedy of the identified problem results in a renewed balance of energy in the home or workplace.

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I am a single parent of two teenage daughters. My intuitive friend suggested I hire a dowser because she sensed some negative earth radiation (geopathic stress) in our home and she felt this was affecting my youngest daughter.  At the time, we were all grieving from the passing of my husband and their father after a six-year battle with a terminal illness. 

Although I wasn’t 100% sure what a dowser does, I trusted my gut feeling that I needed to do this without really knowing why or what it was going to do.  This is when I found Joop.

With the help of his dowsing rods, Joop immediately found what he called a “negative electromagnetic stream” running north/south about 4 feet into the front foyer.  Then, he went upstairs and his dowsing rods confirmed the line was in the same spot, which happened to run right in the middle of my youngest child’s bed!!  He performed “earth penetration” to stop the electromagnetic stream. I’m not sure what this means, but since these rods have been installed, my daughter and I are getting along much better.  We still have typical mother-daughter disagreements, but there’s a sense of peace in our home now that was missing before. 

I can’t really tell what problems we avoided for my youngest daughter with this earth penetration point intervention, but I’m happy the rods are installed.