You Don’t Sleep Well – What About Your Pets?

Some people work and sleep well in an unhealthy location and others don’t. How do you know whether where you sleep causes you to not sleep well?

6825830_sYou might wake up most mornings feeling tired, unrested, or exhausted. You might wake up with headaches, or experience short cycles of sleep/wake periods during the night. This has a huge effect on your productivity, your mood, your emotional state. Wouldn’t you want to be well-rested and productive?

Did you know that cats and dogs have habits that can aid in determining whether you sleep in a healthy or unhealthy place? Dogs, when they have a choice, tend to sleep in healthy places whereas cats prefer an unhealthy one. Read how I not only helped Patrick sleep better but made his owner a happy person.

“The biggest change has been in my dog Patrick, a 5 year old Golden Retriever, who has been overweight and really making a mess of his bed for a long time, chewing the fabric and in general not being happy. After your visit I moved his bed to a different location as well; he no longer destroys his bed, but sleeps well every night, has lost a lot of weight and is in general a much happier and less stressed dog. I would not have believed it could happen!”
Helen L., Georgian Bay

Always call in a professional Dowser.  Make sure the Dowser is reputable and listed as a member on the Canadian Society of Dowsers website.

Once a Dowser determines that the location that you sleep in is unhealthy, the cause can often be eliminated by simple measures.

If you think a Dowser might be able to help, connect with me now!