IMG_1008-croppedIMG_2023-2Every Day millions of people are connecting via all kinds of radio communication, as TV, radio, cellphones, 2-way radios, GPS, etc.

Often, these devices are supported by antennas, on buildings, and towers; also in use by navigation systems. These antennas… Continue reading

Pixabay_bed-945881_640And do you know why your sleep is restless while you’re on vacation, in a beautiful resort, your trailer or motorhome, and even on your boat?

It might be the same problem as you have at home; you could be… Continue reading

I was only a young boy, around 10 years, when I had my first experience with dowsing. My younger brother, 6 years old, was very sick. I don’t know the exact details, but it was an overgrown gland and it… Continue reading